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Mission and purposes

History of the Foundation

In September 2010 several bloggers from livejournal.com, united by the common goals of defending the secular principles of the Russian State made a decision to come out of the “virtual realm” of the internet and into the real world. The first project of this self organized initiative group was the extension of the international atheist campaign http://www.atheistcampaign.ru/. However the constitutionally guaranteed right for the free expression of thoughts and beliefs (article 28) encountered opposition from government officials and business all over the place. The group received more than 20 denials in the placement of billboards on commercial grounds citing the 14th article of Russia’s constitution that affirms it as a secular State. Having come across facts of religious censorship directly, the group decided to move away from just advocating atheist views in favor of human rights activities for preserving the constitutional principles of secularity and the separation of church and state. So, in November 2010 the Public Fund “Zdravomislie” (Good Sense), an independent non-profit public organization was born.

The Fund Today, Goals and Tasks

The opposition that the Fund encountered not only demonstrated the full depth of the problem for citizens to realize their constitutional rights, but was also a result of clerical intrusion into public life and state practices. The Fund is set to support the restoration of secular principles that have been threatened as well attracting attention to cases of clerical intrusion in society, such as:

-          Integration of State and religious organizations that threaten practicing principles of conscious

-          Financial support for several religious cults and organizations with taxpayer money

-          Introduction of religious propaganda as school curriculum

-          Imposing religious norms and dogma as mandatory and the strive to replace the States secular laws that liking

-          Religious censorship

-          A practical introduction of sharia law in several regions of the country

Russia – is a secular State, and it should remain so. The Nations secularity guarantees equal rights to practice any religion are to practice no religion at all to all citizens. Law and agreement in society, which is guaranteed by a legalist State and its main law – the constitution are much more important than the dogma of various religions. Bestowing a special role on any separate religious organization is not only worrying example of manipulating laws but also carries within it a risk of national security. The spread of clerical processes determined the following goals and tasks of the foundation:

  • Popularization of scientific world views and supporting the secular principles stated in the Constitution of the Russian Federation;
  • Advocating legality within fields of interaction between religious organizations, institutes of civil society and government structures;
  • Defense of rights and freedoms, guaranteeing a life of dignity and the unrestricted development of the Russian Federations citizens.

In order to realize the stated goals the Foundation is set to:

  • Act only within the law.
  • Contest violations of the state’s secularity in court.
  • Hold public discussions in mass media and other mediums of communication about the dangers of clericalism.
  • Spread information about threats and violations of secular principles.
  • Engage in activities of enlightenment.

The Foundations Members

Among the foundations supporters there are atheists and believers. Practice of any faith or none at all is a personal matter.

More detailed information about the founders and responsible persons of the fund can be found under “The Funds Personnel” (being developed).

An expert council has been created at the Foundation, which consists of influential public persons, scientists, public figures, united by worries of violations against secularity in Russia. России.

The Funds Finances

A Foundation – is a non commercial public organization, acting on the basis of Federal law № 82-ФЗ “On public associations” (Федерального закона № 82-ФЗ «Об общественных объединениях»). Proceeds received by the fund are spent on the declared goals. The Fund has no general sponsor or investors. Main means of income: voluntary donations from the public, the founder’s money, royalties from items and attributes at the store prostoprint.ru.  All information on received money and conducted transactions is available in open access.

The Foundation expresses its deep appreciation for the financial support of its initiatives.

The Fund and Politics

The Fund does not partake in any political action and doesn’t support any set ideology. The Fund is open for all law abiding people and organizations irrelevant of their political preferences.

For those, wishing to support the separation of church and state an instructional reminder is made.


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